Philex Mining Corp. has made available 15 scholarships for grad studies, including law and medicine, and will provide financial assistance to 60 undergrads in Baguio City and Benguet schools for AY 2014-'15.

An employee at Philex Mining Corp.'s Padcal Mines, in Benguet, demonstrating to some students and teachers from the outlying communities how to put out a fire using an extinguisher at the Philex Mines Elementary School on Apr. 5.

Philex Mining has been named as one of the Philippines’ top companies for its social and environmental projects, garnering the ninth place in the Best Corporate Social Responsibility category in a latest poll conducted by the Hong Kong-based FinanceAsia magazine.

Bulawan has vowed to continue with its reforestation program in the Visayas using both the conventional process and the ANR, which resulted to 138,349 trees planted in 333.24 hectares of land from 2012 to 2013.

Philex Mining’s Padcal Mines has P117.78 million to spend this year for its social projects, information campaign, and research for the development of the mining industry, as part of its commitment for sustainable development and to implement government requirements.

Philex Mining has iterated its commitment to continue creating social projects for the development of its host and neighboring villages, as it turned over a 7.5-kilometer road, valued at P31.1 million, to the LGU and residents of a remote sitio in Tuba, Benguet.

Philex Mining Corp. spent a total of P58.2 million out of the P74.04-million budget set aside for Padcal operations’ social projects, information campaign, and research to further develop the mining industry that had been approved by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau.

Philex Mining Corp. has expressed confidence on a positive closure of its talks with the municipalities of Itogon and Tuba, in Benguet, over the issue of alleged unpaid business taxes.

Philex Mining’s Sibutad Project has continued expanding its mangrove plantation in Zamboanga del Norte, with 40,300 propagules planted in a 6.73-hectare area in 2013, bringing to 111,135 the total number of suckers planted across 14.58 hectares since 2011.

A total of 305,590 seedlings of various forest- and fruit-tree species were planted across 250 hectares of the newly and previously established areas at the Padcal mine site, and another 140 hectares of the previously established plantation areas for enhancement.


  • Padcal Mines, which Philex has been operating since 1958, is the first underground block cave operation in the Far East.  

  • Silangan Project combines the Boyongan and Bayugo deposits, which are comprised of gold, copper, and silver.  

  • Philex is exploring the possibility of re-opening the Bulawan Project, which is now on care-and-maintenance phase.  

  • Exploration work in Sibutad Project concentrated on the boundaries between the municipalities of Rizal and Sibutad.